Top 5 Milkshakes in the USA

Best milkshakes in America

There’s nothing like washing down a burger and fries with a good ol’ Milkshake. Whilst traveling through USA these past two years, I discovered that foodie culture is having an impact on the humble milkshake. Diners are serving fresh, new flavours that go beyond the standard milk/icecream/syrup recipe, created with real ingredients in unique combinations.

Read on for my favourite milkshakes in America, chosen for their distinct flavours and quality.

The Milkshake Factory The Milkshake Factory Choc Raspberry Milkshake (Pittsburgh)
With a name like The Milkshake Factory, you can’t go wrong. From 55 flavours, I chose the Choc Raspberry Truffle shake… and I’m still having dreams about it. Rich and creamy, with a distinct flavour of fresh raspberries dipped in chocolate, the quality is second to none. Worth the hike to Pittsburgh alone.
[ website ]

Godiva Milkshake Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Shake (Las Vegas)
Made from Godiva’s 72% extra dark chocolate, topped with whipped cream and raspberry, this milkshake is as Vegas as it gets. Rich and indulgent, it’s a meal on its own right.
[ website ]

Swingers Diner Swingers Diner Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake (Santa Monica)
I wasn’t sure how a combination of peanut butter, banana and milk would go down my Aussie palate, but Swingers Diner created the perfect Summer shake. With a subtle nutty flavour, topped with whipped cream, it’s an LA must-try!
[ website ]

Gott's Roadside Diner Gott’s Roadside Diner Black & Orange Milkshake
(San Francisco)

In celebration the SF Giants in the playoffs, or Halloween, Gott’s Roadside Diner at Ferry Building Marketplace in SF created this limited edition Double Rainbow Pumpkin Ice Cream & chocolate syrup milkshake. A great shake for Autumn, delicately spiced with cinnamon, it’s one of those flavours you would only have in America. [ website ]

Millions of Milkshakes Millions of Milkshakes (Los Angeles)
Create your own custom milkshake, from a variety of fun ingredients such as Reese’s, Cap’n Crunch, skittles and mangos, the recipes are limitless. Otherwise, choose from a menu of milkshakes created by celebrities, such as; Lindsay Lohan Shake (Mixed Berries with Ice Cream) or the Perez Hilton Shake (Coconut, Cap’n Crunch, Oreo with Vanilla Ice Cream & Whip).
My creation: Ferrero Rocher, Coconut & Cherries. [ website ]

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