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Naomi helped us at the Just Group for 5 months and was influential in maintaining our very busy work program. Delivering creative and concepts in a fast and timely manner with great attention to detail. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Just Group

Naomi has a remarkable ability to deal with great workload. During her time at CHE, the demand for eDM development increased by a huge 40% and her ability to deal with this was outstanding, so was her work and work ethics. She worked designing, developing, testing and broadcasting eDMs for Ge Money, Australian Super, AGL Energy, Mazda and Telstra.

CHE Proximity

Naomi is a real creative talent, across three key areas - graphic design, web and photography. She is highly adaptable and always maintains a high attention to detail. Moreover, Naomi is reliable, hard-working and has a very pleasant nature that would fit well into any team environment and worked well alone whenever required.


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