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7 creative Podcasts to keep you inspired during isolation

If you have a long commute to work, you know the value of a good Podcast. With remote working likely to increase for many of us in the coming months, some sage words of advise whispered in your ear to inspire you couldn’t come at a better time.

Here is a selection of my favourite podcasts – covering small business, creative insights and social media, with a good dose of girl power. Queue them up!

TED Talks Daily

This one needs no introduction. No longer do you have to wait for a TED or TEDX event to pop in your city – a new talk is launched daily. Listen to thought-provoking ideas on everything from technology to the environment.

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Side Hustle School

Get motivated to make your side hustle succeed. This daily show features different stories of someone who’s started a side hustle, across all industries —discussing what went well, the challenges, and what happened as a result.

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99% Invisible

This weekly podcasts explores of the creative process and power of design and architecture.

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The Jasmine Star Show

Jasmine’s passion for making the dreams become a success is infectious. Largely centred around empowering entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profits via Social Media Marketing.

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Second Life

Proving that a career change can be done, at any stage of life. This conversational podcast interviews people from across all industries, who have made the leap into another career path and the challenges that they faced.

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The BossBabe Podcast

Discussing the highs and lows of female entrepreneurship with raw behind-the-scenes insights of building successful businesses, achieving peak performance and learning how to balance it all.

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Without Fail

Because there is no success without failure. A narrated podcast, interviewing  entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and visionaries, discussing the highs and lows of their business journey.

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