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5 creative quizzes actually worth doing

Online quizzes aren’t just to kill time on a slow afternoon. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself is only a nimble keystrokes away.

16 Personalities

A free Meyers-Briggs personality test, that characterises you into one of sixteen possible personalities. A huge benefit when learning how to collaborate with different personality types in the workplace and in your personal life. The quiz has a well designed user-interface and in-depth results.

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My Creative Type

A stunningly visual quiz to discover what your creative personality is, brought to your by Adobe. Worth doing for the entertainingly conceptual video transitions alone. The results reveal how your brain can best excel in the creative space, and who your ideal collaborator is.

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Can’t Unsee

Think you have what it takes to be a UI designer? Ever found yourself in an argument with a UI designer about userbility VS aesthetics? You may not be aware of how much detail and thought goes into placing every pixel on the screen. This quiz is more of a game, but it ain’t easy. Do you accept the challenge?

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ColorIQ Challenge

Test your colour eyesight with this game – a difficult one, make sure to do this one in daylight.

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What kind of designer are you?

A Myers-Briggs style personality quiz for designers.

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