We are the weirdos… Gothic Fashion Photoshoot


Billie-Jade in the Suburban Goth photoshoot

One of my favourite movies from the 90s, is the teen witch movie, The Craft. The idea of teenagers practicing witchcraft in a suburban context, against the rigidity of a Catholic school upbringing, shows girls with a strong sense of self with the ability to make decisions on their own terms, without a care of the judgement they receive from their peers. Not to mention, the time capsule of where fashion was in 1996.

For a few years I had wanted to pay tribute to this movie with fashion photoshoot, and there was no one more perfect for the role than Billie-Jade Hastings, lead singer of Diamond Noir. Billie-Jade, like me, had a strong affinity with the movie and is a natural born Alternative Goddess who had no problem embodying the character.

Shot in a quiet inner city suburb of Melbourne. The styling was a modern take on 90s Gothic fashion, with pieces from; Alannah Hill, H&M, Material Girl, Mazi and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I styled each look to represent the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

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Earth element

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2013

First look at my photoshoot with Billie-Jade Hastings

Wishing everyone a fun & festive Halloween!
Here is a sneak peek from my upcoming The Craft-inspired photoshoot with model/singer Billie-Jade Hastings.

Offbeat Travel Guide to Salem

Offbeat Travel Guide to Salem
Salem, Massachusetts is a quaint coastal New England town, just 30 mins via train from Boston. Infamous for the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, this quirky town has rich American history, stunning examples of New England architecture and it’s sure to celebrate Halloween like nowhere else. There are quite a few tourist traps (mechanical dioramas anyone?!), below I will highlight places where you can discover the real essence of Salem (Google map included).

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Midsummer Noir – Photoshoot

The Raven

A collaboration between talented Melbourne stylist, Joolz Makim and I resulted in a unique take on Australian Summer fashion. View the full editorial below.
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Tim Burton ACMI exhibition launch

Tim Burton

Tim Burton on the red carpet

I attended the media preview of Tim Burton’s exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne this week, on assignment for LifeMusicMedia. Over 700 pieces are on display, tracking the history of Burton’s creative practice from his Burbank school days, stint working at Disney as an animator to his Hollywood movie career, or as Burton refers to it – his “dirty laundry.”
A Nightmare...

A Nightmare…

ACMI is the first stop outside America to host the exhibition – along with newly added pieces from Alice in Wonderland including Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter costume and large figures of the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and March Hare. My favourite piece in the exhibition would have to be the Edward Scissorhands vinyl outfit that Johnny Depp wore and the Stag hedge sculpture. The exhibition opens to the public on June 24th 2010 until October 10th 2010.

Check out my photos from the exhibition!