CC Stern Type Foundry, Portland

CC Stern Type Foundry

During my travels around the Pacific Northwest, I was eager to visit the CC Stern Type Foundry - a not-for-profit working letterpress museum in Portland, Oregon, with the aim of preserving the heritage of America’s typecasting industry. Letterpress printing was a relief printing technique dating back to the 15th century, enabling ...
In the cover of darkness

Boys gone wild in PDX

PDX hood life. Models: Brian, Greg & Steven In Portland, I collaborated with local Instagrammer Steven Bustrin on a Vigilante web series. During October, Steven posted an ongoing saga of the tales of a disengaged young man in the big city, accompanied by a photograph, several of which were by ...
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  • Perhaps the most instagramable outdoor living space ever. 🇳🇴📷⁠
  • Looking down the barrel of Quinta da Regaleira's Initiation Well. The well was never used for water collection, it was intended for secretive initiation rites. 🇵🇹📷⁠
  • On a Contiki tour a few years ago, our guide only gave us 30 mins to 'stretch our legs' in Sintra, thinking that Aussie tourists wouldn't be interested in castles & palaces, and would rather spend 3hrs at the beach in Cascais (totally why we travel to Europe). ⁠
Being a typical Scorpio, I had to right the wrong and do Sintra properly - 4 palaces, 96 flights of stairs, 38GB of photos. I even bumped into a few Aussies who were interested in castles & palaces. 🦂🇵🇹📷⁠
  • @montepittman owning Lisbon 🇵🇹📷@espguitars⁠
Check out the gallery: ⁠⁠
  • Each corner of Kvaløya had vastly different weather. We drove through snow storms, fog, rain, clear skies -- then greeted with this amazing break in the clouds. 🇳🇴📷⁠
I'll be posting a panoramic version of this shot, follow me on Facebook: (or search 'Naomi Rahim Photography' )
  • Everyone: leaves straight after sunset⁠
Me: wondering why those people aren't sticking around for blue hour? 📷⁠
Us: locked in⁠
model: @breneashley⁠
creeper: @robert25reynolds89⁠
  • Imagine dining here in the 1960s? Panorâmico de Monsanto was a high-society restaurant, abandoned since 2001. Covered in graffiti (some pieces are amazing, some not so great), but the Mid Century architecture and panoramic views of the city are timeless. ⁠
Can't wait to share the photoshoot I did at this location! 📷📷📷⁠
  • Enserio, good. Had so much fun photographing guitarist @montepittman in Lisbon. Catch him on tour with @Madonna. Loads more pics to come! @hussanddalton 🇵🇹📷⁠
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