4 million hits

4 million hits on Flickr!

My Flickr account is an oeuvre of my photography work since 2009. I constantly update it with my latest fashion photoshoots, documentary travel photography and of course live music photography. I’m very proud of how it has grown over the years, and the milestone just passed – a mammoth 4 million page views! Explore ...
Photography website

New Photography Website

After months of blood, sweat and tears, I am pleased to announce the launch of my NEW photography website: Showcasing my photography in depth, the website will eventually host an online Print Shop – stay tuned! Aurora Design will continue to offer an integrated approach across Art Direction, Graphic Design and Web ...
Kathmandu Social Media

Kathmandu featured on Ragtrader

As Lead Digital Designer at Kathmandu, I developed a suite of social media graphics for the hugely successful Winter 2016 campaign. Check out this article on Ragtrader, dissecting Kathmandu's social media strategy to target a younger demographic.
Aurora Milky Way by Naomi Rahim

Art With Heart Auction

Art With Heart is an annual art auction organised by Truly Deeply, utilising creative talent to raise funds for local Melbourne charities. Proceeds from this year’s auction went to Beyond Words, a not-for-profit initiative to celebrate the rich lives of older people in the community in Melbourne. For the 13th event, I was ...
Strange Little Girl

Spook Magazine Feature

Spook Magazine: Interview & Photoshoot Very excited to announce that I am this weeks' featured fashion photographer on Spook Magazine's Week in Submission column! The article includes an interview with me and my Strange Little Girl indie fashion editorial, shot in Rome, Italy. Check it out!
2014 Concert Photography Exhibition

3 Songs No Flash – 2014 Photography Exhibition

Proud to announce that I will be exhibiting alongside Melbourne's finest live music photographers, once again, in the 3 Songs No Flash Exhibition at Ding Dong Lounge.There will be a selection of photographs on display by Melbourne's best concert photographers, featuring artists such as; Queens of the Stone Age, Lorde, ...
Tina Arena & Ronan Keating

Published in Tina Arena’s biography

Excited to announce that one of my concert photos is published in Tina Arena's biography, Now I Can Dance. The photo is of Tina Arena performing with Ronan Keating in 2010, at the very first concert at The Plenary, Melbourne. I've been a long time fan, check out more concert photos ...

Save The Palace in Melbourne!

The Palace at capacity for Hanson Saddening news that the iconic The Palace Theatre in Melbourne is facing demolition by developers, unless we speak up now. Over the past hundred years, The Palace has been used as theatre, cinema and now a much loved live music venue. Still holding much of ...
Concert Photography Exhibition

3 Songs No Flash – 2013 Photography Exhibition

The crème de la crème of Melbourne’s live music photography scene take to Ding Dong Lounge between May 20th-30th (extended until June 8th) to display some of their best work. For a limited time, Scott Boelsen, Jesse Booher, Katie Dutton, Rebecca Houlden, Lou Lou Nutt, Naomi Rahim, John Raptis, Brett ... 2.0

Portfolio launched!

Welcome to my brand new online portfolio! Please take a look at my work and if you have a project you would like to discuss or just want to say hi, send me an e-mail here. I'm just getting the party started, there will be lots of new features added to ...
Graphic Designer & Photographer, specialising in music, fashion & travel/lifestyle industries.

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  • Perhaps the most instagramable outdoor living space ever. 🇳🇴📷⁠
  • Looking down the barrel of Quinta da Regaleira's Initiation Well. The well was never used for water collection, it was intended for secretive initiation rites. 🇵🇹📷⁠
  • On a Contiki tour a few years ago, our guide only gave us 30 mins to 'stretch our legs' in Sintra, thinking that Aussie tourists wouldn't be interested in castles & palaces, and would rather spend 3hrs at the beach in Cascais (totally why we travel to Europe). ⁠
Being a typical Scorpio, I had to right the wrong and do Sintra properly - 4 palaces, 96 flights of stairs, 38GB of photos. I even bumped into a few Aussies who were interested in castles & palaces. 🦂🇵🇹📷⁠
  • @montepittman owning Lisbon 🇵🇹📷@espguitars⁠
Check out the gallery: ⁠⁠
  • Each corner of Kvaløya had vastly different weather. We drove through snow storms, fog, rain, clear skies -- then greeted with this amazing break in the clouds. 🇳🇴📷⁠
I'll be posting a panoramic version of this shot, follow me on Facebook: (or search 'Naomi Rahim Photography' )
  • Everyone: leaves straight after sunset⁠
Me: wondering why those people aren't sticking around for blue hour? 📷⁠
Us: locked in⁠
model: @breneashley⁠
creeper: @robert25reynolds89⁠
  • Imagine dining here in the 1960s? Panorâmico de Monsanto was a high-society restaurant, abandoned since 2001. Covered in graffiti (some pieces are amazing, some not so great), but the Mid Century architecture and panoramic views of the city are timeless. ⁠
Can't wait to share the photoshoot I did at this location! 📷📷📷⁠
  • Enserio, good. Had so much fun photographing guitarist @montepittman in Lisbon. Catch him on tour with @Madonna. Loads more pics to come! @hussanddalton 🇵🇹📷⁠
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