Offbeat Travel Guide to Rome

Offbeat Rome Travel Guide
You have wandered around the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum? Check. Admired the renaissance art at the Vatican Museums? Check. Thrown a few coins into the Trevi Fountain? Check. Crossed the Pantheon off your bucket list? Check. All the major tourist attractions in Rome are absolute must-sees. However, the Eternal City also has a progressive side, perhaps fueled by the student population or Roman ingenuity. I hope this guide will encourage you to get off the beaten path in Roma. Read more…

The Rome Photoshoots

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen a plethora of behind the scenes imagery I posted in Europe. I’m pleased to finally show you the final product.

In Rome, Italy, I collaborated with three amazing alternative models on a series of fashion photoshoots. Each one unique, showcasing a different underground take on the Eternal City’s thriving fashion scene.

Miss Milky Butterfly

Milky Butterfly

Burlesque photoshoot

Vintage showgirl photoshoot with Milky Butterfly – Burlesque Starlette. Shot at Libro Di Vino, a cute book & wine bar in downtown Rome, view the gallery.

Strange Little Girl

Strange Little Girl photoshoot

Indie photoshoot

Quirky street fashion photoshoot with Indie/Alternative model Sara De Santis, check out the gallery.

Roman Gothique

Roman Gothique photoshoot

Gothic photoshoot

A dark editorial series with gothic model, il Gatto Mannaro. Shot on a gorgeous medieval bridge, check out the gallery.

Spook Magazine Feature

Spook Magazine

Spook Magazine: Interview & Photoshoot

Very excited to announce that I am this weeks’ featured fashion photographer on Spook Magazine’s Week in Submission column! The article includes an interview with me and my Strange Little Girl indie fashion editorial, shot in Rome, Italy. Check it out!