Top 5 Milkshakes in the USA

Best milkshakes in America

There’s nothing like washing down a burger and fries with a good ol’ Milkshake. Whilst traveling through USA these past two years, I discovered that foodie culture is having an impact on the humble milkshake. Diners are serving fresh, new flavours that go beyond the standard milk/icecream/syrup recipe, created with real ingredients in unique combinations.

Read on for my favourite milkshakes in America, chosen for their distinct flavours and quality.
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Las Vegas – Glamour Shoot


Stefany (Brazil)

Whilst traveling through the US on a Contiki tour, I met Brazillian model/dancer Stefany and we immediately started planning location shoots on our travels.

This shoot was a particularly fun & crazy one, we had about an hour on The Strip in Las Vegas to do some damage with some gold hot pants. Check out the full photoshoot on my Flickr page.